What We Stand For

As a professional conference organizer, Consumex Productions business is to convey high-value information that is undoubtedly relevant for the end-users. Our platform offers real-world solutions to critical business challenges and our subjects have been widely researched and logically programmed.

Our Speakers and contributors are top-level chiefs and pioneers in their fields, who wish to take part in significant discussion with representatives on vital industry issues and trends. Our insight banks contain best practice case studies, extensive technical briefings and data rich recordings; empowering broad learning and benchmarking opportunities.

Our Mission

Consumex Productions aim to be the most dynamic and professional corporate event and conference organisers, showing innovation in approach to business by consistently delivering exceptional standards across all areas of our service. By doing so, we provide reliability to our customers and encouraging our employees to realise both personal and professional objectives.


Our research group rapidly recognises the key issues and points of concern in the market, puts together an agenda that addresses these inquiries head on, and welcomes industry experts with front line experience to share their perspectives. These industry experts will demonstrate new thoughts, ideas and offer solutions. So, in this way we give you a definitive source of exact and up-to-date business information.


Our platforms provide you the ideal mix of education and networking. We give you innovative case studies, leading edge ideas that are loaded with key bits of knowledge from leading companies consolidated with hundreds of minutes of organized networking.

Gain Insight

For quite a while we have been building our insight base and establishing relations with key stakeholders to guarantee that we are the leading business network for the industry. Every one of our gathering depends on continuous and significant research with professionals from cross industry to keep you up to date.